Brimbank Environmental Department

Brimbank City Council’s Environmental Department asked Affinity Design to develop a series of education resources for primary aged children. The resources kit includes brochures, posters and powerpoint templates.

The design needed to attract and engage young readers as well as provide key information and resources. Topics covered include: Waste and Recycling, Sustainable Systems, Water, Biodiversity and Energy.

Affinity Design was required the interpret client flowcharts in a creative way, appropriate to the student audience. In responding, stylised illustrations were developed to enhance the flowchart elements. Bright, clean colour palettes were used to attract the reader. And internal content was dynamically presented as layered articles scattered across a desk, a creative juxtaposition of information as opposed to static information on a flat page. The design had to be interesting and relevant to primary aged students.

The concept needed to adapt well to powerpoint templates and slides for teacher presentations. This further increased the appeal and project awareness when presented to students.