You don’t have to think like a graphic designer when you work with one.

This FAQ page seeks to answer a few of those questions that pop up from time to time. There are rarely any silly questions, so feel free to ask anything in relation to your project at any stage. We'd rather you understand the process and feel comfortable working with us. And we are big fans of efficiency.

Q1. How much will it cost?

Costs vary depending on the type of project. Once we have discussed the project scope, you will receive a Cost Estimate before any creative work commences. Things like deadline/urgency, physical size, number of pages, client corrections, illustration and so on all have a bearing on the cost. We can also obtain supplier costs if required.

We have two payment structures: Cost Per Project or Retainer Package.

Q2. How long will it take?

Depending on the size and scope of your project, jobs are scheduled on a delivery basis. So we look at your deadline or delivery requirements and work backwards to define a realistic timeline and ensure all stages of the process will be met. Don't forget to factor in any approval processes at your end. 

We do 'talk timelines' before you approve the quote.

Q3. Will I own the artwork?

Final artwork is usually supplied to you as hi-res PDFs (eps, ai or jpegs) to ensure all components of the design remain when the file is opened on a different computer.  You own the right to reproduce that design. By law, fonts and stock photography are not transferable unless you have paid for extended licence agreements.

You may need Adobe Creative software if you wish to open some of the final file formats (such as .eps or ai).

Please refer to Affinity Design Standard Terms & Conditions for further detail.

Q4. Can I make changes?

We use professional design software to produce your designs, namely Adobe CC products such as InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Muse and others. You would need access to these programs to open the raw files. 

We recommend changes be made as marked-up comments in your PDF drafts throughout the process, at which time we incorporate them seamlessly into the layouts.

Q5. What files do I send to Affinity Design?

Text can be supplied as a Word document. You should identify Heading levels and the location of photos and graphs within the document.

For best quality and printing, we request photos be provided as hi-resolution (300dpi at actual print size). Please do not copy and paste images from a website as these will be low quality (72dpi) and may not be copyright free. We can always make your photo smaller, but we cannot make it bigger and maintain crisp, sharp detail.

For logos, the best file format is vector art .ai or .eps. (NB: you can only open a .ai and .eps file with Adobe Illustrator). If .ai or .eps is not available, a hi-res 300dpi jpeg or tif would be an option.

We use Dropbox for larger files. Please contact us first if you are concerned about the file size of your material.

How do I provide corrections and changes?

We recommend changes be made as marked-up comments in your PDF drafts throughout the process, at which time we incorporate them seamlessly into the layouts. Adobe Writer provides this feature (and it’s very useful).

There are other methods for providing corrections to layouts, and we always work towards the most efficient and accurate method that works for all.

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